What if I have an Injury

If a current or previous injury is a concern of yours then your in the right place. The benefit of athletic train is that we are great with injuries. Its not uncommon to get banged up when your trying to perform at your highest level, so those who train athletes are just as familiar with working with the injuries as the actual athletes are to having them. We specialize in unconventional ways to develop optimal functionality. Train like an athlete.

How old can you start

Ideally its good to start training very young. The body learns fast when we are young and that will give us a very solid base to grow from as we get older.


How Often Should I train

You don’t have to train everyday but you should remain active thought most of the week. We recommend 3-5 times per week even if all of them aren’t with us.


What if Im not an Athlete

The beauty of athletic training as opposed to any other training style is that there is no specific body type thats going to be more advantageous than others. Everyone is an athlete, you just have to find which sport best fit you. What ever you decide we can help you get the most out of it. From some that may lead them to play at higher levels, for others it may simply meal helping them get back to how they looked and felt before father time started doing things making his own decisions with their bodies.

How much is it?

We are more expensive then a local gym but much less than treatment for chronic diseases.


Will You help me with MY Nutrition

When trying to reach your pinnacle you have to approach it holistically from mind and body. Fitness and nutrition go hand and hand. You can’t get the most out of one without the other, so it is vital to at least set a foundation on what you put in your body so that we can continue to get the most out of it. We are certified nutritionist and also work closely with dietitians, so anything from basic guides to full on nutrition plans, we can get you on track.