Performance Development

You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them.


Off Season Development

Out of season is one of the most important times for an athlete. It’s the time when champions are made. It's the time where you can get stronger, faster, more explosive, and really fine tune those areas that will make big differences in your performance. For the athlete who didn't have the results they wanted, it’s time to work on getting better. For the athlete who found success, the off season is where they work to make sure they remain on top. This off season is the difference between in wins and loses. We will make sure you start your next season better than you finished your last.

In season works different from out of season. This is our time when we focus on mobility and sustainability. Big gains aren't made during the season but it is important to end the season strong. You will see a lot of emphasis on recovery, sustainability, technique and injury prevention. Maintenance is just as importance as growth and in season athletes work to maintain or increase their conditioning, the flexibility, endurance and joint health.


in-Season Development


Jr Elite

This training is for those pre high school age athletes who are trying to build a strong foundation early. We will start to get the body accustomed to resistance training, while also building up, proprioception, muscle/ brain connectivity and core strength. Young athletes will also learn the mentality of a winner and get exposed to the work ethic it takes to be at the top. It’s never too early get a head start.

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Pro PErformance

Now this is next level training. This is training for a purpose, don't come here if you’re looking for sympathy. What you will find is, high reps, heavy weights and lots of sweat. But what we will say is that we will get you prepared to compete at your highest level.


Speed development

The focus here is to get faster. Here we will develop your body to move from one place to the next more efficiently and effectively.


Team Training

There’s nothing like being on the field or the court and knowing that the ones next to you are just as battle tested as you are. Strength in numbers. Team that trains together performs together.


Sports Specific

Here we go into a little more detail that any other training program. How do we create skills and abilities that will convert to a specific area. Training hard to make the games easier.


Fitness Development

The mentality of an athlete to build the body of a Goddess .


CAlorie Burner

Calorie Burner

This program is for those who are looking to shed a few lbs. Our goals will be to not only help you burn calories but to guide you into a sustainable lifestyle that will have you looking and feeling like a new you.

Helath and Wellness

This is for those who aren't playing sports, are ok with their weight but still place their health and fitness as a priority. This program is geared toward stability, helping you look and feel your best for many many many years to come.


HEalth and WEllness


Strong & Beautiful

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best. If you thing strong legs and developed glutes is your idea of a beautiful body then this is for you. In the age of the rise of the modern woman, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the beauty and the beast.