The Ad Astra Fit Club is an initiative designed to encourage health, fitness, activity and wellness though out our communities. The goal of the Fit Club is to reach as many as we can to combat the disadvantages faces by many of the underserved and encourage, empower and educate them on sustainable practices for living a healthier life.

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The Story


Dreams are paid for by the work we put in..

Congratulations, you just took a step in the right direction to change your life. You have already separated yourself from millions of people every year who say they want a change, want something new, want a fresh start but never do anything and for that you deserved to be congratulated. This is a map to the new you, a very long and difficult map. One that is not encrypted or difficult to understand, its just not one that’s particularly easy to follow either. There’s no looking back; once your in… your in.