About Us

Founded in 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, Ad Astra Athletics is a health, nutrition and wellness service company that focuses on pushing individuals to channel their inner self to maximize their personal potential. In 2017, Ad Astra Athletics expanded and physically manifested in their first gym location, the Ad Astra Performance Development Institute, now we have spread our wings into new locations and new opportunities.

With the continual growth of the industry there is still many markets that have yet to be discovered to their full potential. Ad Astra’s focus is the same as our business approach, to maximize potential. Through our programs, and services we seek to become a familiar face and cornerstone for Development and progression in not only our clients but all that we come in contact with and the areas in which we live. To the Stars, Through the struggle. Its what we stand for, its what we believe, it's who we are.


Our Name

Ad Astra Athletics originated from the Latin phrase “Ad Astra, Per Aspera”, which means “To the Stars, Through The Struggle”.

This perfectly exemplifies the message we want to relay--

You can achieve greatness, as long as you put in the effort, even through the struggle.

Our Mission

“To optimize performance and transforms our athletes by increasing their mental and physical thresholds though the use of athletics and fitness at conceptual level”

Our Vision

With the belief that the same characteristics utilized to make a successful athlete applied to any other aspect in life would render the same results, we strive to help individuals achieve an improved physique and lay the building blocks for success.

We desire to build a mentality of relentlessness and create a drive for success. We expect these new success-driven individuals to become the leaders, innovators and trailblazers that bring change, that empower and that impact our communities.

We are continually striving to broaden our outreach and expand. Our vision is to replicate our curriculum and programs nationally and internationally to maximize our impact.